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We are Fast Cash For Junk Vehicles Company. We buy junk cars for cash near you. We buy junk cars in and around the Dallas area. We are the Top Junk Car Buyer looking for whole vehicles to Buy. If You Have No Title, Don’t Worry. We Will Pay Top Dollar For Your Car. WE PAY CASH ON THE SPOT FOR ANY CAR! Call or Message us to get your quote. Speak directly to us. This means you will receive a higher price for your junk car! Fast Cash For Junk Vehicles will come and tow away that eye sore free of charge and pay cash on the spot. We accept and pay cash for all cars, trucks. Our company specializes in helping you clean up your yard by offering free junk car removal in Dallas! Just give us a call at 214-808-7980 and we will schedule a time for free junk removal or simply fill out the form on this page for a quote. We offer same-day towing and instant Pickup. When we come out to haul off your old junk car in Dallas, we will give you cash on the spot. Fast Cash For Junk Vehicles is that easy! So, what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose. Call Or Text us today to get the most cash for junk cars. We look forward to hearing from you and providing an outstanding service.

3 Easy Steps to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Dallas

Tell us about your car

Like the year, make, model, mileage, overall condition, and if you have the title.

Get your Instant Offer

You’ll have up to 7 days to accept our offer, giving you plenty of time to think things over.

Relax and get paid

We’ll come to pick up your car for free, hand you cash or a check, and be on our way.

We Buy Any Car in Any Condition

We’re here to make it easier to buy and sell cars in any condition, running or not. We buy from like new to barely a vehicle. We’re a part of, with its deep background in salvage vehicles. We see the value in any car and back it up with our risk-free, obligation-free offers.


How Much Money Can I Make Selling Junk Cars in Dallas?

Assume you have a junk car or running vehicles in Dallas, whether it’s a rusted clunker or a usable vehicle. In that case, we will pay Top Dollar for it and have a car buyer haul it to the salvage yard. The following is a simple guide to determining the price and value of your vehicle.

Rusted Automobiles
Beyond repair and oozing with rust. If there’s enough to salvage, we usually offer a fair price and cash for these Junkers. That’s a lot of money to pay for the possibility of removing an eyesore and transporting a car to the auto recyclers. What you can get out of this deal is a chance to sell your old, beaten-up junk and get rid of a car that is falling apart and has no navigation.

Cars of Poor Quality
Cars that are partially operational and in running condition, but not worthy of entrusting your life to drive. We would offer the market’s highest price for these types of vehicles. Remember, that’s free towing, so you save money on transportation and earn money to buy a new car at a car dealer center. Whatever the case may be, the Fast Cash For Junk Vehicles dealer will take care of your vehicle.

Cars in Relatively Good Condition
Your car is still in good condition, but you want to sell it to a buyer. Then, depending on the condition, model, and make, we can make an offer. Most consumers had no idea that a junk car without a registration card, a bad history, and poor care could be sold for cash. Junkcarsus drivers assist in getting rid of a car and gaining access to local junk yards for a used vehicle.

Find out what your Junk car is worth in seconds

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I do not have the title?

    No title needed!!! It’s always easier when you have the title, but we are able to purchase your vehicle without one. Just have a valid photo ID ready for us and the process is quick and easy.

    How fast can you really pick up my car?

    Our goal is to be at your location within 30-45min. In some cases even sooner.

    What types of vehicle do you purchase?

    We buy them all!!! regardless of the condition running or not even total loss vehicles!! cars, trucks, vans, mini vans, and SUVs any year, make, any model.

    What if I loss the key?

    We can still purchase the vehicle with no keys.

    Is there an extra charge for picking of my car?

    Never!!! After paying you the price we have agreed on the vehicle is picked up and taken off the property for FREE!!!

    How much is my car worth?

    Depending on the year, make, model, condition, and missing parts. We ask you determining questions and based on your answers, we give you an estimated quote.